Peek at the Luxury Of Queen Elizabeth Family Tea, $691 Once Drank

Peek at the Luxury Of Queen Elizabeth Family Tea, $602 Once Drank - The wealth of the British royal family is not a play. Who would have thought, to enjoy a cup of tea, the royal family led by Queen Elizabeth can spend 500 pounds or equivalent to $691

Tea is sacred to the British. A five-star hotel, The Rubens adds an unusual tea menu for members of the United Kingdom. The name of the tea dish is Ceylon Golden Tips. The royals can enjoy a cup of tea by overlooking The Royal Mews at the magnificent Buckingham Palace.

Reporting from The Sun, Ceylon Golden Tips is an exclusive menu and only for nobles. The price is expensive, because the raw materials of tea production are picked at sunset from the highlands of Sri Lanka.

In fact, this tea is called one of the most special teas in the world. The harvesting process is fairly difficult and is done by tea picking experts, skillfully picking their own small ends of shoots. Then they dried the buds on a velvet cloth in the sun so that it turned from silver to gold.

The tea leaves can be brewed up to three times. Interestingly, the taste in the tea changes with each sip to enjoy the depth of the flavor. In terms of texture, this tea is smooth, light, soft with a little fruity aroma.

The exclusivity of Ceylon Golden Tips has been in the spotlight since early 1891. Even in those days, a pound was valued at £1,260. Until now, the tea became a special dish of noble as a friend in the afternoon.

Presentation is done using the prevailing ceremony. Presenters use white gloves and use gold tweezers to touch tea leaves. Once weighed according to the dose, the leaves are brewed with pure water in a silver kettle.

The hotel recommends enjoying this unique tea experience in a special way. Connoisseurs should sip tea first before eating sandwiches and scones to really enjoy the soft taste.

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