Not 5000 IU, This Is the Right Dose of Vitamin D Consumption Recommended

Not 5000 IU, This Is the Right Dose of Vitamin D Consumption Recommended - Vitamin D consumption is very important, especially in pandemic times, as a boost to the body's immunity. Even so, of course the dose consumed must be right and should not be excessive. Then, what is the recommended dose of vitamin D consumption?

Clinical nutrition specialist, dr. Feni Nugraha, MARS, M.Gizi, SpGK, AIFO-K explained, The Nutritional Adequacy Rate (RDA) for vitamin D set by the Ministry of Health is 600 IU per day for adults up to 64 years and 800 IU per day for old age, which is 65 years and above.

"But in fact, the incidence rate of vitamin D deficiency in Indonesia is still quite high due to several factors," he said in tvOne's Healthy Livingshow, Tuesday, September 7, 2021.

"One of them is because environmental factors and the position of latitude of a place that affects the exposure to incoming sunlight, or pollution in large cities that cause sunlight that reaches the earth's surface to be reduced," he continued.

In addition, other factors according to Doctor Feni are from yourself, for example the age factor.

"As we age, the production of vitamin D decreases, or due to obesity. It turns out that obesity can also increase the risk of vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D can enter fat cells, "he said.

Then the last factor that makes the incidence of vitamin D deficiency in Indonesia classified as high is because the Indonesian population does not like sunbathing.

"Because maybe I'm afraid of black. There may be genetic variation that is an issue today. Where there is a genetic disorder in metabolizing the active form of vitamin D, so even if we sunbathe vitamin D levels remain low. This is what requires supplementation," he explained.

Moreover, Feni revealed, most people have started actively to the office again, so sunbathing activities become reduced. Therefore, Feni recommends that we keep an eye on vitamin D intake.

"For those of you COVID-19 survivors and those of you who have vaccinated, you still have to pay attention to vitamin D intake. Because vitamin D is indeed very important to help improve our body's immunity, "he suggested.

According to Feni, vitamin D can also improve the performance of immune cells contained in our body.

"So this vitamin D, he can improve the performance of immune cells in our body. Examples such as lymphocytes, macrophages, then produce cathelicidin and defensin. It functions as an antiviral, anti-bacterial and also helps lower inflammation," he said.

Well, because the number of vitamin D deficiency is high in Indonesia, Feni explained, the provision of vitamin D supplementation, can exceed the Nutritional Adequacy Rate (RDA). However, it is not up to 5000 IU.

"How much? Can consume about 1000 to 4000 IU per day to keep our body's immunity good," said Dr. Feni Nugraha.

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