How to Reduce The Digital Footprint on the Internet

How to Reduce The Digital Footprint on the Internet - Internet users always leave a digital footprint when using various online services. These trails can include information about sites visited, photos uploaded, and interactions on social media, such as comments, posts, and reactions.

Proper privacy settings in a variety of digital services can help us reduce the number of online footprints that will be left behind. Including, controlling the provision of personal information.

Last week, Kaspersky's research explored which services and platforms users are most concerned about regarding the privacy and security of personal data. The statistics were obtained based on anonymous data on visits to the Kaspersky Privacy Checker website between December 2019 and August 2021. In conducting the analysis, Kaspersky analyzes which services and platforms are the security setting instructions opened by users the most.

As a result, the security settings for the Android OS and Whatsapp settings on Android are the most opened by users. As for social networks, users most often see Facebook security pages on various platforms.

Instagram is also the second most reviewed social network in terms of the number of requests for privacy settings. "Most of the daily actions users take on a page can lead to the accumulation of digital traces. This can include IP addresses, comments, photos and location tags, or biometric data taken from photos," said Sergey Malenkovich, head of social media at Kaspersky.

According to him, visitor statistics in the Privacy Checker project show that users are now starting to take an active interest in account privacy and security and are trying to reduce the digital footprint if possible. Various popular platforms also turned out to be a source of concern for users regarding the security of their personal data.

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