8 Everyday Bad Habits That Make Health Quality Decline

Holding a pee or biting a nail is a habit that is often done even without realizing it. You might think this is not a big problem, but doing it for a long time will make your health condition worse.

Over time, these normal habits will erode the quality of your life slowly, consciously or not. In fact, some can cause chronic diseases.

Here are some bad habits that make your health quality decrease, quoted from Rider's Digest.

1. Hold the pee

When you want to urinate, try not to hold it back. Because holding pee is not good for your health. Because, when holding pee, the flow becomes stagnant and gives an opportunity for bacteria to grow in the bladder and possibly move to your kidney area.

Retaining the pee can increase the risk of bladder, kidney disease, even prostate infections especially if you have an underlying urological condition or are pregnant.

2. Chewing gum too long

You might think chewing gum can give you fresh breath or help relieve tension. But chewing gum too long or too often can make the jaw become depressed and tense.

If you use your jaw too often, you can get arthritis and intense pain will be felt in the area. Plus, swallowing too much air will cause stomach ache.

3. Nail biting

If you feel nervous, you often unconsciously bite your finger. In fact, this habit can cause damage to the nails and surrounding skin infections called paronychia. In addition, biting your nails can cause the virus to enter the body which results in respiratory infections.

4. Forgot brushing your teeth

Skipping brushing is the biggest risk of tooth decay. Poor tooth growth is a risk factor for many things, including severe infections and malnutrition, especially in the elderly, and also cardiovascular disease. Too often not brushing your teeth contributes to cavities and inflammation of the gums.

5. Sitting too long

Sitting too long leads to all the risks associated with an inactive lifestyle including weight gain, diabetes, and high blood pressure. An increase in blood pressure or a sensation of numbness, especially when sitting cross-legged.

6. Bending

Both when sitting or standing, bending has a negative impact on health. Bending can increase the risk of disc rupture or herniation, which results in pain and pinched nerves. Poor posture when sitting can cause stomach discomfort and digestive problems, including constipation.

7. Carry a heavy bag on one shoulder

Carrying a heavy bag on one side can interfere with the angle of the neck and cause pressure on the nerves between the bones and the sensation of aching in the hand. If this happens, you will experience numbness, tingling, even pain in the shoulders and arms.
The American Chiropractic Association says the bag weight is not more than ten percent of body weight.

8. Staring at a computer all day 

Staring at a computer screen for long periods of time can cause visual problems, including eye strain and retinal damage. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the 20-20-20 pattern, which is every 20 minutes staring at the screen, resting your eyes for 20 seconds and staring at 20 meters.

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